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Welcome to Axis CNC!

Axis CNC manufacturers and distributes machines for woodworking and metalworking. In addition to providing top quality machinery and accessories, we offer software and service solutions for shops that take the "technical" out of the equation for you letting you focus on production and profits.

We take great pride in the products and services we offer and provide some of the finest equipment and service available in the industry. We offer high quality products and are able to provide you with the equipment you need at a price you can afford.


10 year warranty on all CNC machinery!

Click here to find out how we offer precision machinery to meet your budget...

Now offering the Delcam ArtCAM line of products!


Gio from Axis Goes Open Source

One of our team members is joining the open source community to develop and produce open source projects from desktop convertable machines to full 4x8 CNC routers!


Click to learn more.



We are now dealers for the entire Amana tool line!!!...


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Available at (coming soon!)

Now offering FPZ Regenerative Blowers...


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We would like to thank Richard from KT Ordnance


His assistance on a demo project was invaluable! Please check out his latest project HERE




Please check out Justin's site at


His work with CNC machines is some of the most impressive we have had the pleasure to see...

We urge those interested to donate to continue his work since he make his research publicly available for free!



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